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Author and caregiver of a disabled daughter Jen Best, a main character in my memoir. Welcome to our blog where we share stories from our long journey together.

When My Husband Shot Himself – a Sermon of Hope and Comfort


Greg Olson, Artist: The Good Shepherd

My husband didn’t know about the church’s Word of Wisdom when he began drinking in his youth. When I married him he was 55 years old, and had recently been baptized. He was confident he could conquer the disease that had gripped him so long, but he couldn’t. Seven years later, heading into a fourth relapse, he shot himself. Suicide! So awful for loved ones, as eloquently expressed by writer/blogger Kristina Cowan: Suicide is an earthquake. Sudden, jolting and catastrophic, it ruptures the lives of those it leaves behind. Emotionally it crushes everyone. I know. So did our bishop who preached a funeral sermon of hope and comfort that was the beginning of the healing process for me as well as for others. Continue reading When My Husband Shot Himself – a Sermon of Hope and Comfort


A View from Bridge – Two Brain Injured Poets

viewfrom bridgeI have in my files a November 1988 newsletter, put together by staff and brain injury survivors. A View from BRIDGE. Acronym for brain injured daytime group extended – a group at Mt. Vernon Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia that my brain injured daughter Jen attended way back then. The program is still in existence, and still “bridges the gap between hospitalization and the multiple services and agencies available within the community.” Continue reading A View from Bridge – Two Brain Injured Poets

Lost in Youngstown – Angels of the Road

virginia countryTwo years after my husband left me to live with a man, I wanted to go out of state to graduate school. I applied for the creative writing program at George Mason University in beautiful Virginia. I didn’t yet know about east coast humidity, or how I would get lost in Youngstown Ohio on my cross country journey. Or how this was the beginning of angels of the road in my life. Continue reading Lost in Youngstown – Angels of the Road